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The worst day of my life was December 10th, 1994: the day I became a foster kid. This was the beginning of my journey through 22 foster homes and an unshakeable sense of worthlessness...


At 25 years old when I was working a temp job, a wonderful co-worker encouraged me to go back to school.  While taking a few general education classes, I decided to take a beginning Jazz class to fulfill a PE requirement.

Instantly, I was hooked. Dance fully reconnected me to my physical and feeling self. It required nothing of me, yet gave me a place to express and be with a community.

Running a studio and a network is a crazy amount of work, but I am so blessed to do it. Dance unites people of all backgrounds, colors, and shapes.  It makes us better versions of ourselves and fully engages our mind and body. Every day I take one more step in the dance journey the more I learn, the more there is to learn.

This is the part where I'm supposed to have a "lead magnet". That is, offer you some sort of freebie in exchange for your email. Here's the deal: I don't like lead magnets. They feel sneaky. So I'll be direct: I would like to send you a single dance email. One. You decide if it's good enough to let me send more.

"You inspire me. meeting you and joining your classes has been a rejuvenating experience, to say the least. thanks for creating such a fun, welcoming and safe space for me to find myself again"


" helped fuel my passion even further and believe me when I say your story and leadership style really has helped me in just this one course. You've made a bigger difference for me than you may think you would have done today. "


"I just wanted you to know that your talk today was AWESOME!. Loved, loved, loved it. You even made me think about dancing (I come from a dance family but am very klutzy so it never stuck). I suddenly wonder if I've been looking at this all wrong."


Unify Dance Network would have never come to fruition without the generous dancers, teachers, and supporters who stepped in to bring the vision to life:


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