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A Dance Chat with Danyel Moulton


Danyel is a force to be reckoned with. She came through the studio to teach a class and I grabbed a camera. We weren't doing a formal interview, so forgive the lower quality, but what she shared is pretty valuable, so enjoy!

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Willdabeast: "Train like you suck".


Anyone who has been in my presence more than an hour will hear the word "podcast" come out of my mouth. At times, it's almost embarrassing. (Do I have any original thoughts, or am I just a podcast regurgitation machine?)

There are a few podcasts that are a solid and unshakeable part of my foundation. At the top of that list is Impact Theory, a podcast that radically changed the way I approach the world forever. 

I met Will Adams many year ago. Before that one Beyoncè video. Before the Buildabeast empire was known.  In those days, he was who he is now: a hard working, easy to be around human with an obvious hunger for more. There is no way not to be in awe of all that he has accomplished and the way he and Janelle have been an unstoppable force in the dance world. 

So when Impact Theory host Tom Bilyeu had Willdabeast on as his guest, I literally squealed. Tom does not ask just anyone to be a guest, and I am honored to share this video with you. Don't sleep...

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Is Instagram Changing the Dance World's Value System?


There is a place for curated content. When I come across an article and think "damn. yes. this is important", then I know it must be passed on. 

As a studio owner, I've had some really strange behind-the-scenes moments with other "professionals". One of the most frustrating parts of my job is the way that guests artists will often confuse the number of their IG followers with the value they add to my studio and dancers. Your social media following doesn't not tell me anything about your generosity and skill as a teacher. There are countless other values that are coming under fire in the wake of the influencer era. 

This article by Theresa Ruth Howard is worth relevant, important, and worth the read. 


The entrancing power of Instagram can't be denied. I've lost hours of my life scrolling the platform looking at other people documenting theirs. What starts as a "quick" fill-the-moment check-in can easily lead to a good 10-15 minute session, especially if I...

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The Podcast is Ready!


We are live!

And be "we" I mean "me". And by live, I mean I made a tiny little intro episode and pushed it out into the world. 

Just this morning, I was listening to the Masters of Scale podcast with Reid Hoffman. He brought me back to the always refreshing and often forgotten quote:

"If you're not embarrassed by your first version of things, you waited too long to launch."


It is with a touch of future embarrassment and a lot of excitement that I invite you into the intro episode of Dancers Called to Action. I promise you that future episodes will get better and better.

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A Dance Chat with Amanda Lacount


At just 18 years-old, Amanda has been putting some fantastic energy and messaging out into the dance world. There are so many younger (and older) dancers who are only seeing dance being represented by a very specific and often unrelatable body type.  Amanda is a great example of a dancer completely comfortable in her own skin, and I had a great time hanging out with her.

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What are you really frustrated about, dancer?

When I hear people talk about the healing power of dance, I immediately think of this wonderful cheesy scene in an old sitcom, Jack and Jill. One of the characters has just learned that she’s been cheated on and decides to “dance it out” in her studio. Slow, melancholy music, lots of angsty reaches. A montage of her failed relationship floating above her head.

When I fell in love with dance at 26-years-old, there were no angsty reaches, only the inexplicable feeling of coming home.

Home was a word I had no real connection to. I entered the foster care system as a teen, and 22 homes later, I found myself homeless with a one-year-old. It would be almost ten years before I would step into a beginning jazz class at a community college; a jazz class that became the catalyst for a life I never saw coming.

Dance allowed safety that words hadn't. I could express, perform, and connect to other people; I could engage my body and mind, and yet no words were required. No...

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