Willdabeast: "Train like you suck".

Anyone who has been in my presence more than an hour will hear the word "podcast" come out of my mouth. At times, it's almost embarrassing. (Do I have any original thoughts, or am I just a podcast regurgitation machine?)

There are a few podcasts that are a solid and unshakeable part of my foundation. At the top of that list is Impact Theory, a podcast that radically and forever changed the way I approach the world.

I met Will Adams many year ago. Before that one Beyoncè video. Before the Buildabeast empire was known.  In those days, he was who he is now: a hard working, easy to be around human with an obvious hunger for more. There is no way not to be in awe of all that he has accomplished and the way he and Janelle have been an unstoppable force in the dance world. 

So when Impact Theory host Tom Bilyeu had Willdabeast on as his guest, I literally squealed. Tom does not ask just anyone to be a guest, and I am honored to share this video with you. Don't sleep on it. Press play as you fold your laundry, clean your room, whatever. Just press play.


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