Every dancer can recall a teacher that left a permanent impact on them. Our dance teachers have inspired us, believed in us, given us some of our current lingo and inside jokes, and always, always make us better dancers.


As a studio owner, I've had to sit through some pretty unpleasant dance teacher auditions. There are several reasons teachers fall short:

  • They mistake dance skill or teaching skill and don't understand how to cultivate the latter

  • They lack fundamental knowledge about how to format a class for success

  • They don't have basic understanding of the dancer's body, anatomy, and physiology.

  • They haven't developed their teaching voice and style

  • They're teaching for the wrong reasons

  • They don't understand the business of dance, and how they fit into the overall picture.


There are so many aspects of what mades a dance teacher great, but the truly extraordinary teachers unforgettable assets to both students and studios alike. 

Our teacher training course covers all of these topics and more.  You'll receive instant and lifelong access. 

The course is $97 one time. That's it. Why? Because most of the time, when we're making the leap from student to teacher, funds are not flowing yet. We want you to be the best teacher you can, because that is what serves the dance world.

We are currently working with out beta group! Get on the waitlist and be the FIRST to know when we re-open.


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