As dancers we often let so much get in the way of experiencing the joy of dance: self-doubt, fear of judgement, and more.  I've created a 10 point checklist to help you break these patterns and shine!

Revisit the "why" and "why" behind your dance, Two powerful questions that can reset your perspective every time.

Strengthen your muscle memory, master the thirty second stretch rule, and tune up your instrument.

Work through self doubt, binary thinking, and product-based goals. Reframe these barriers and move forward.

Hi, I'm April-- and like you, I can't do without dance. I'm just not myself without it. I opened my studio almost ten years ago and in that the time realized that the dance journey is never complete. Dance requires that we take small steps both in mind and skills everyday. 


I created this checklist after watching my dancers struggle with self confidence and perceived limitations. It is a list of things I found myself reminding them of over and over. Keep it, print it out memorize it. You deserve to attack dance with  full confidence, every day.


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Two Step

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