The ultimate field guide to developing a class that your students will never forget

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In This Masterclass



Implement A Full Blueprint.

From structuring your class to cultivating loyalty to finding your unique teaching voice.


Dynamic Teaching

How to format your class for the most effective learning, external and internal cueing, muscle memory insight, learning styles, and more.


Classroom Culture

Reading the room, making every student feel welcome, and facilitating true learning.


Great teachers are designed, not born.

Most dancers transition into teaching without any intentional training. Your students are counting on you: give them the best version of yourself.


The entire blueprint is just $97 for lifetime access

"I thought I was ready to teach, but I had no idea there were so many missing pieces. I can't wait to tackle classes now. This course confirmed my love for teaching!"


Who was your favorite dance teacher?

We all remember that one dance teacher-- the one who opened the door for us to fall in love with dance. The one whose class we couldn't wait to get into. The one who inspired creativity and hunger.

It's time for you to be that teacher for others. But make no mistake: good dancing does not equal good teaching. Too many teachers jump into the classroom with no knowledge of the nuances of learning and what separates average classes from phenomenal classes. You already have the heart for teaching-- let's make you one to remember.

A Note From The Instructor...

Hi, I'm April. I've owned my studio for almost a decade now, and after sitting through too many painful teacher auditions, I started seeing clear differences between the unsuccessful auditions and the teachers on my team who were adored by their students. The right teacher will change a student's life forever. I love the art of teaching, and can't wait to give you a toolbox for your best work.

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