Dance is your source of joy, so let's cut the crap that holds you back and get down to the good stuff.




Part One: Set it Up

We start by setting up a new foundation for the way you think about yourself as a dancer and digging into the harder questions about joy and ego.

Part Two: The Body

You only get one. Let's talk about the daily choices we make, sometimes unintentional,  that change the way we dance.

Part Three: The Mind

We finish by exploring the thought patterns and pitfalls common to so many dancers and introduce a pretty amazing way to reframe them.

Each part of our series is under 20 minutes long. Rather than repetitive fluff, we get right to the heart of the dancer's struggle. Listen. Then listen again.

The Limitless Dancer

Three part audio training for dancers ready to shine.
You'll receive an audio link, downloadable file, written transcript, and free updates for life.

" I was honestly MIND BLOWN. I listened right before class ...and I actually let myself get a little looser, and judged myself less. I'm incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to listen to this."


"The mental exercises shocked me with how completely accurate it was and how it related so well to what I feel."


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